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Army Air Corps / Army Air Forces / Air Force 1924-62


A list of military aircraft of the United States

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This list of military aircraft of the United States includes prototype, pre-production and operational types. For aircraft currently in service, see the List of active United States military aircraft. Prototypes are normally prefixed with "X" and often unnamed (note that these are not the same as the experimental X-planes, which are not generally expected to go into production), while pre-production models are usually prefixed "Y".

The United States Air Force currently employs a designation and naming system to identify all aircraft type with distinct names. Until 1962, both the Army and Air Force maintained one system, while the United States Navy maintained a separate bagatar system. In 1962, these were unified into a single system heavily reflecting the Army/Air Force method. For more complete information on the workings of this system, refer to United States Department of Defense Aerospace Vehicle Designations.

This list does not include aircraft designated under the pre-1962 United States Navy designation system. For these aircraft, see List of military aircraft of the United States (naval).

Aircraft included in the Topps Wings set appear in bold italic type.


[edit] Attack, 1924-1948

[edit] Bomber

Until 1926, the Army Air Service had three sequences for bombers. Light bombers were indicated by the LB- prefix, medium bombers by the B- prefix, and heavy bombers by the HB- prefix. In 1926, the three-category system was scrapped and all bombers subsequently built were placed in the B- sequence.

[edit] Unified bomber sequence, 1926-1962

[edit] Cargo, 1924-1962

After 2005, several planes were added to this sequence.

[edit] Gyroplane, 1935-1939

[edit] Pursuit, 1924-1948/Fighter, 1948-1962

Designated P- for "pursuit" until 1948, when the United States Air Force was founded. After this, all P- designations were changed to F- ("fighter"), but the original numbers were retained.

Unofficial designations YF-112 and up were later assigned to "black" projects - see Fighter series in Unified System.

[edit] Fighter, Multiplace

[edit] Pursuit, Biplace

[edit] Observation

[edit] Observation, 1924-1942

[edit] Observation amphibian, 1925-1948

[edit] Liaison, 1942-1962

[edit] Reconnaissance

[edit] Photographic reconnaissance, 1930-1948 / Reconnaissance, 1948-1962

[edit] Reconnaissance-strike, 1960-1962

Both of the following aircraft are part of the B- (bomber) series.

[edit] Rotary Wing, 1941-1948/Helicopter 1948-present

Designated R- for "rotary wing" until 1948, when the United States Air Force was founded. After this, all R- designations were changed to H- ("helicopter"), but the original numbers were retained. After 1962, the series was continued within the Unified Designation System.

[edit] Supersonic/special test, 1946-1948

The series was continued as the X (Experimental) series after 1948 - see X-series in Unified System.

[edit] Trainer

[edit] Advanced Trainer, 1925-1948

[edit] Basic Combat, 1936-1940

Superseded by Advanced Trainer (AT-).

[edit] Basic Trainer, 1930-1948

[edit] Primary Trainer, 1925-1948

[edit] Unified sequence, 1948-present

The AT-6 Texan, AT-7 Navigator, and AT-11 Kansan, were retroactively given T- designations. The new sequence began at 28, one number higher than the PT- sequence had reached.

[edit] Army, 1956-1962

[edit] Airplane, Cargo, 1956-1962

[edit] Airplane, Observation, 1956-1962

[edit] Airplane, Research, 1956-1962

  • AZ-1 Marvelette - Mississippi State University

[edit] Flying Platform, 1955-1956

[edit] Helicopter, Cargo, 1956-1962

[edit] Helicopter, Observation, 1956-1962

[edit] Helicopter, Utility, 1956-1962

[edit] Helicopter, Experimental, 1956-1962

[edit] Vertical Takeoff and Landing Research, 1956-1962

[edit] Unified System, 1962-present

[edit] Airship

[edit] Anti-Submarine Warfare

[edit] Anti-Submarine Warfare Helicopter

[edit] Attack

[edit] Attack Helicopter

[edit] Fixed-Wing Gunships

Use for attack missions is indicated by the modified mission identifier A-.

[edit] Bomber

[edit] Cargo

[edit] Cargo Helicopter

[edit] Drone

[edit] Electronic Warfare

[edit] Electronic Warfare (Modified Aircraft)

[edit] Experimental, 1948-present

Main article: X-plane (aircraft)

[edit] Fighter

Note: Captured foreign aircraft used for evaluation and aggressor were given designations in sequence—based on chronology—with "black" project aircraft, continuing the pre-1962 F series.[7]

[edit] Helicopter

[edit] Laser

[edit] Observation

[edit] Observation Helicopter

[edit] Patrol

[edit] Reconnaissance

[edit] Reconnaissance (Converted Aircraft)

[edit] Tanker

[edit] Trainer

[edit] Utility, 1955-present

[edit] Utility Helicopter

[edit] Vertical and Short Take-off and Landing Aircraft



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