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Oldies Quiz Answers


1. Instrumentals: Match Artist to Song                            2. Match Group to Song:

_J_ Apache A) Eddie Haywood
_D_ Canadian Sunset B) Nelson Riddle
_I_ So Rare C) Dick Hyman Trio
_E_ Skokiaan D) Hugo Winterhalter
_B_ Lisbon Antigua E) Ralph Marterie
_H_ The Poor People of Paris F) Morris Stoloff
_A_ Soft Summer Breeze G) Dick Jacobs
_C_ Moritat H) Les Baxter
_F_ Moonglow & Theme from "Picnic" I) Jimmy Dorsey
_G_ Main Title & Molly-O J) Jorgan Inman
_E_ Blanche A) Four Aces
_A_ Love is a Many Splendored Thing B) Five Satins
_H_ I Get So Lonely C) Five Keys
_I_ A Casual Look D) Four Coins
_B_ To The Aisle E) Three Friends
_C_ Ling, Ting, Tong F) Four Freshmen
_D_ Shangri-La G) Four Preps
_J_ Moments To Remember H) Four Knights
_G_ 26 Miles I) Six Teens
_F_ Graduation Day J) Four Lads

3. Match Backup Group to Lead Singer:                         4. Match Lead Singer to Their Group:

_I_ Little Joe A) Blue Caps
_E_ Sonny Til B) Clowns
_A_ Gene Vincent C) Rhythm Orchids
_G_ Boyd Bennett D) Don'ts
_H_ Joe Bennett E) Orioles
_C_ Buddy Knox F) Midnighters
_D_ Dickie Doo G) Rockets
_J_ ? H) Sparkletones
_B_ Huey "Piano" Smith I) Thrillers
_F_ Hank Ballard J) Mysterians
_F_ Five Satins A) Harvey Fuqua
_E_ Five Keys B) Cleve Duncan
_J_ Earls C) Johnny Maestro
_B_ Penguins D) Tony Williams
_C_ Crests E) Rudy West
_G_ Harptones F) Fred Parris
_H_ Cadillacs G) Willie Winfield
_I_ Hilltoppers H) Earl Carroll
_A_ Moonglows I) Jimmy Sacca
_D_ Platters J) Larry Chance

5. Match Artist / Group to Song:                                        6. Match Artist to Cause of Untimely Demise:

_C_ Party Doll A) Frankie Ford
_I_ Sea Of Love B) Ivory Joe Hunter
_E_ Treasure Of Love C) Buddy Knox
_H_ Raunchy D) Marvin Rainwater
_F_ I'm Stickin' With You E) Clyde McPhatter
_B_ Since I Met You, Baby F) Jimmy Bowen
_J_ Honky Tonk G) Ersel Hickey
_A_ Sea Cruise H) Bill Justis
_D_ Gonna Find Me A Bluebird I) Phil Phillips
_G__ Bluebirds Over The Mountain J) Bill Doggett
_E_ Del Shannon (55) A) Car Accident
_J_ Otis Redding (26) B) Drug Overdose
_H_ Chuck Willis (30) C) Murdered
_D_ Johnny Ace (23) D) Russian Roulette
_C_ "Shep" Sheperd (34) E) Shot Himself w/.22 Rifle
_G_ Sam Cooke (33) F) Carbon Monoxide
_B_ Frankie Lymon (25) G) Shot by Woman in Motel
_I_ Marvin Gaye (44) H) Peritonitis
_A_ Johnny Horton (35) I) Shot by Father
_F__ Bobby Fuller (23) J) Plane Crash

7. Match Artist to Label:                                                       8. Match Duo to Song:

_J_ Patsy Cline A) Imperial
_E_ Platters B) Atco
_B_ Coasters C) Specialty
_F_ Crows D) Dot
_C_ Little Richard E) Mercury
_D_ Hilltoppers F) Rama
_I_ Chuck Berry G) Gee
_A_ Fats Domino H) Coral
_H_ McGuire Sisters I) Chess
_G__ Frankie Lymon J) Decca
_I_ Lah Dee Dah A) Don & Juan
_D_ We Belong Together B) Mickey & Sylvia
_G_ Let The Good Times Roll C) Skip & Flip
_J_ Sleep Walk D) Robert & Johnny
_B_ Love Is Strange E) Jan & Arnie
_C_ Cherry Pie F) Gene & Eunice
_A_ What's Your Name? G) Shirley & Lee
_F_ Ko Ko Mo H) Patience & Prudence
_E_ Jennie Lee I) Billy & Lilly
_H_ Tonight You Belong To Me J) Santo & Johnny

9. One Hit Wonders: Who Sang?                                     10. Country & Western: Who Sang?

_F_ Bad Boy A) Teen Queens
_J_ Black Denim Trousers B) Robins
_D_ The Man In The Raincoat C) Bill Parsons
_A_ Eddie My Love D) Priscilla Wright
_I_ The Banana Boat Song E) Turbans
_C_ The All-American Boy F) Jive Bombers
_H_ Stranded In The Jungle G) Edsels
_E_ When You Dance H) Cadets
_B_ Smokey Joe's Cafe I) Tarriers
_G_ Rama Lama Ding Dong J) Cheers
_B_ Hello, Walls A) Johnny Cash
_E_ He'll Have To Go B) Faron Young
_D_ Walk On By C) Marty Robbins
_G_ Please Help Me I'm Falling D) LeRoy Van Dyke
_H_ Gone E) Jim Reeves
_J_ Make The World Go Away F) Statler Brothers
_A_ Ballad Of A Teenage Queen G) Hank Locklin
_C_ El Paso H) Ferlin Husky
_F_ Flowers On The Wall I) Claude King
_I_ Wolverton Mountain J) Ray Price

11. Novelty Tunes: Who Sang?                                        12. Five Pairs: Who Sang?

A) Transfusion Nervous Norvus______
B) Auctioneer LeRoy Van Dyke_____
C) Igmoo Stonewall Jackson____
D) Pepino The Italian Mouse Lou Monte__________
E) The Old Philosopher Eddie Lawrence_____
F) The Flying Saucer I & II Buchanan & Goodman
G) Beep Beep The Playmates______
H) Western Movies The Olympics_______
I) Nee Nee Na Na Na Na Nu Nu Dickie Doo & Dont's__
J) Dinner With Drac Zacherly____________
A) Silhouettes The Rays___________
B) Get A Job The Silhouettes______
C) Wonderful! Wonderful! Johnny Mathis_______
D) Wun'erful, Wun'erful Stan Freeberg_______
E) Wishing For Your Love The Vox Poppers_____
F) For Your Love Ed Townsend________
G) Little Girl Of Mine The Cleftones________
H) Ka-Ding Dong The G-Clefs_________
I) Buzz, Buzz, Buzz Hollywood Flames____
J) Alley Oop Hollywood Argyles____

13. Who Had Original Hit With:                                          14. Doo-Wop: Who Sang?

A) I Hear You Knockin' Smiley Lewis________
B) Sincerely The Moonglows______
C) Hearts Of Stone The Charms_________
D) Hound Dog Willie Mae Thornton___
E) I'll Be Home The Flamingos_______
F) Seventeen Boyd Bennett________
G) Sh-Boom The Chords_________
H) Ain't That A Shame Fats Domino________
I) Goodnight, Sweetheart, Goodnight The Spaniels________
J) At My Front Door The El Dorados______
_C_ Crying In The Chapel A) Flamingos
_G_ The Door Is Still Open B) Wrens
_I_ Lilly Maebelle C) Orioles
_H_ Gee D) Nutmegs
_A_ Lovers Never Say Goodbye E) Heartbeats
_B_ (Will You) Come Back My Love F) Harptones
_J_ Babalu's Wedding Day G) Cardinals
_F_ A Sunday Kind Of Love H) Crows
_E_ A Thousand Miles Away I) Valentines
_D_ Story Untold J) Eternals

15. Name 4 Songs That Mention The Name 'Earl'      16. Who Is / Are?

A) The Duke Of Earl_______________________
B) Seventeen____________________________
C) Speedoo______________________________
D) My True Story__________________________
E) Jiles Perry Richardson The Big Bopper________
F) Virginia Patterson Hensley Patsy Cline___________
G) Elias McDaniels Bo Diddley____________
H) Charles Weedon Westover Del Shannon___________
I) Sir Cedric Fentingmode in "The Flying Saucer"___
J) The Kingsmen ("Weekend") The Comets____________

17. What Are The 2 Most Popular 'Oldies' of All Time?          18. What 2 Songs are Considered the 1st 'Rock 'n' Roll' Records?

A) Earth Angel - The Penguins______________
B) In The Still Of The Night - The Five Satins___
C) Oop-Shoop - The Chords___________________
D) Gee - The Crows_________________________

19. What was the 1st Song to Have the Syllables 'Doo-Wop' as a Background Chant?

E) When You Dance - The Turbans___________

Questions 1-12 are worth 1 point each, 13-14 are 2 points each, 15-16 are 3 points each, 17-19 are 4 points each.  Maximum score = 210 points. 

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