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Baseball Reference

Yankee Fan Since 1950

The first recollection I have of the Yankees is listening to the 1950 World Series on the radio. Although the National League Phillies put up a good fight, they were swept in four games by the Yankees. The final game winner was none other than the Yankee rookie Whitey Ford, who would go on to set many World Series records. That meant the 1951 Bowman baseball card set would lead off with the Yankees and Phillies on cards 1-4 (Ford, Berra, Roberts, and Ennis). By the way, Jackie Robinson was out when he attempted to steal home during the 1955 Series with the Dodgers.

Some of my favorite Yankee moments were Larson's perfect game in the 1956 Series, beating the Braves in the 1958 World Series, Maris and Mantle's home run race in 1961, Chris Cambliss' walk-off home run to win the 1977 A.L.C.S. against the Royals, Bobby Richardson's catch to win the 1962 World Series vs. the Giants, Dave Righetti's 4th of July (1983) no-hitter against the Red Sox, Don Mattingly's 10 homers in 8 consecutive games (1987), Jim Leyritz' homer that turned the 1996 Series around, and of course, Aaron (bleeping) Boone's homer that beat the red Sox in the 2003 A.L.C.S.

My two worst Yankee experiences occurred in 1960, when the infamous Mazeroski homer won the 7th game of the World Series, and 1963, when I was enduring basic training at Ft. Dix, New Jersey, when the Yankees were swept by the Dodger's Koufax and Drysdale (the Yankees scored exactly five runs in the four games).

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